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Providing solutions that resolve unmet needs in healthcare through product design, manufacturing and distribution.
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We help bring ideas from conception to production to fruition

This provides a detailed look at our Consulting services at LITt Inc. By providing this broad range of services, we can partner with any business to see projects from concept to production and opportunities to scale your business.



At LITt Inc., we are your partner in distribution, sales, and marketing. Having an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare landscape in Canada, will provide you with confidence in our ability to ensure successful penetration and adoption. Products for hospitals, medical clinics, retail and e-commerce are all within our expertise.

  • Nationwide network
  • Customized marketing and sales solutions
  • Management of distributors
  • Product warehousing
  • Professional sales
  • Account management

In addition, our global network will provide you with access to expansion in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. From establishing a business base to partnering with trustworthy distributors we will work with you from start to finish to ensure a functioning and profitable business is established.


In all industries operating costs are always being scrutinized to help companies be more competitive and maintain profitability. We understand this and finding more cost-effective products or materials can be a significant part of improving profitability. Our strong network and experience allow us to find you better pricing on your products or components while ensuring all QA and regulations are met.

  • Access to Asia, Europe & Middle Eastern networks
  • Quality assurance on sourced products
  • Managed logistics from plant to your warehouse


Despite the challenges in navigating the Health Canada approval process, at LITt Inc., we have dedicated personnel who are experts in seeking approval in a speedy and effective method. The areas of focus to ensure a timely approval are below.

  • Documentation gathering and organization
  • Health Canada submissions
  • Regulatory processes
  • Providing a Canadian base


We partner with thought leaders bringing ideas to life from concept, design, production and finally to sales. Professionals in the healthcare market usually have the best insight into the challenges currently faced when trying to provide the best service to patients.

Through our physician, surgeon and consumer goods network, we strive to conduct the best market research to verify and determine where unique needs may be.

  • Determining the need
  • Planning your product
  • Designing
  • Prototype production
  • Patent assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing
  • OEM services
  • Private label services
Help us make a difference by changing the world of healthcare